Selection of Written Work

This page contains a selection of my written work. A number of these are available in full in PDF format using the form at the bottom of the page. If you would like to read or discuss any of my other work please contact me.

Speculative Scripts

izards of Waverly Place: Nighty Night Alex
Young Teenage Sitcom. Alex cuts down her work schedule by fast-forwarding through time, but this naturally leaves repercussions on the fate of the world. Preview script

nimaniacs: The Warners Return
Animated Comedy Sketch Show. The Warner Siblings make their grand return by tormenting a cast away, Chicken Boo works on the police force, Pinky & the Brain plot to take over the world by using the latest cellular telephone technology. Preview script

hineas and Ferb: Olympus Phineas
Phineas and Ferb put on an Olympic sports event, while Perry the Platypus must stop Dr Doofenshmirtz's laser-eye surgery plot. Preview script

oung Justice: Plant Life
Superhero Action Show. The Young Justice must stop Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from taking over the city with their evil plants, in addition to proving their self-worth to the Justice League.

he Garfield Show: Cat for Dog
Animated Comedy Show. Garfield ends up going to Odie's dog show instead.

pongeBob SquarePants: Goodnight Bob
Squidward tries to give SpongeBob a taste of his own medicine, which leads the friendship Sponge to think the sun will never come up again.

id vs. Kat: The Date
Children's Animation Show. Coop tries to go on a pleasant trip to the local cinema with Fiona, while Kat tries to ruin it for him.

he Avengers: Lars of Arabia
Superhero Action Show. The Avengers try to stop an evil desert-obsessed mastermind, who has also stolen Tony Stark's armour.



hy Me?: Romantic Comedy
A nervous man tries to woo who he thinks is the right girl for him.

he Greatest Female Secret Agent: Action Film
A secret agent has to both cope with the death of her partner and a lunatic villain trying to overrun the world with zombies.

he Monkey vs. The Corporation: Animated Comedy Short
A monkey tries every possible way to stop a developer from turning into his forest home into a shopping centre. Preview script

he Vulgarists: Comedic biopic
Details the comedic life of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the satirical trouble-makers who would bring four foul-mouthed young boys from Colorado to the screen.

ar or Comedy: Inspirational short
A 1940s filmmaker enters the army to get up close and personal with the terror of World War II, as inspiration for his next film.

ight Skies: Science-fiction Short
A family in Kentucky deals with the threat of a possible alien invasion. Partly inspired by an un-used story idea conceived by Steven Spielberg.

n Defence of Mainstream: Comedy
A group of filmmakers set out to prove the importance of mainstream, crowd-pleasing cinema.

atman: The Caped Crusader: Superhero Action Film
An interning psychiatrist is succumbed to villainy by the Joker and joins forces with Poison Ivy to stop Batman and take over Gotham City. Based on the comic book characters by Bob Kane and Paul Dini.

round the World with Buddy and Manfred: Animated musical adventure
To take a raccoon out of his shell, a skunk takes him on a trip around the world.



he Newly Found Sophistication of Animated Films
An argument for why animated films have reached such a high level of quality, matching or even surpassing live-action cinema.


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Wizards of Waverly Place
Phineas and Ferb
The Monkey vs. The Corporation
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